Who is Arkin Terrell?

Arkin Terrell has been singing in church since he was a young boy in Foxworth, Mississippi. Performing in churches and events across the south, he has taken his ministry through singing to places that might not normally hear the message.

From small towns to Nashville, the twang of his voice celebrates the gospel with the intent of letting others know about Jesus.  Arkin's music is also played on many country gospel stations around the world and online as well. He is currently working on a third album which should be released in the fall of 2017.
His first  album, 'I Believe' was recorded and produced at Daywind Studios. His second album, 'One Step Closer' was produced by Ray 'Chip' Davis & Billy Davis and was recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville. Arkin served as Executive Producer on each, and both albums are available for download here on our website.
“If a song has good lyrics and the right sound, people will listen,” Arkin says. “I am not trying to preach a heavy message that you have to believe how I do. I am just using music to share my personal experiences.” 
Growing up in Foxworth, Arkin considered going into the ministry, like his grandfather, the Rev. Marvin Terrell, but then he felt a stronger calling.   

“I was living in Baton Rouge at the time, and was involved with the choir at my home church,” Arkin says. “My grandfather was getting older and was going to retire. We had talked about the possibility of me replacing him, but I prayed about it and felt that I wasn’t the right person for the job. I just felt more confident in doing music than with taking on the responsibilities of being a 
church pastor.” 
Arkin is married and has three daughters. Many people in South Mississippi are familiar with his business, ARK’s Construction. Though he loves the construction business, he feels that he can be most helpful to people through his music. 
“I’m just a carpenter following the greatest Carpenter who walked the earth,”  Terrell said. “I want to share the Good News, however I can.”